When our wildlife control technicians arrive at your home, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the necessary areas of your property, and recommend the best solution to remove the wildlife intrusion. In addition, we will advise you how you can protect your home or business from any animals re-entering. If you are satisfied with the recommendations, then we will complete the job right away.

Every wildlife removal situation is unique; however click any animal below to see our preferred methods of wildlife control for these most common species:


Raccoons will normally break and enter into an attic, or live under your backyard deck. It provides them with a safe shelter away from predators and humans. If you allow them to stay there for an extended period of time, they will cause more damage to your roof, or house structure. The problem does not go away.

Typically, for a raccoon living in your attic the best solution is to screen the entry point and attach a “one-way door” so that the animal is able to safely exit your home, but not re-enter. This will ensure that all the raccoons living in the attic (often times, more than just one) will permanently leave your home. Afterwards, we deodorize and disinfect the area. These are the pictures of some of the typical damage raccoons will inflict on a roof.

Here are pictures of the entry point, after it has been screened.

If the raccoon is living under your deck, we typically will dig a trench around your deck, and attach a configured screen along the perimeter, taking every precaution to keep your lawn and yard as neat as possible. We then attach a “one-way door” at the entry point, so that they can exit and not re-enter. Here is a picture of an example of a back-yard deck screening.


Squirrels will often build their nest inside your attic, or in an exhaust vent at the side of your house. They also pose unique health and safety risks to you and your family, and damage to your property. A new mother will also be very aggressive if you get too close to her babies.

Typically, for most situations where a squirrel has broken into your home, the best solution is to screen the entry point and attach a “one-way door” so that the animal is able to safely exit your home, but not re-enter.

This will ensure that all the squirrels nesting in the attic or vent will permanently leave your home, and not be able to return. Afterwards, we deodorize and disinfect the area. Here is some of the damage that squirrels will cause to a home.


Birds can build a nest at almost any location; however they can become a problem when they breach the exhaust vents at the side of your house, or inside your attic through the dormer. They can carry mites, and their feces can also be dangerous to your health. If you leave it, the area will become covered in feces that will cause terrible odour, and even sickness.

We will remove the nest and the birds and unclog your vent. If there are babies, we relocate the nest in a tree nearby so that the parents can continue to raise the young. Afterwards, we deodorize and disinfect the area.


Skunks are terrible climbers, but are excellent diggers. That’s why you will normally find that skunks will dig a small hole beside your porch or along the foundation of your home so that they live underneath it. Sometimes, they will fall in the basement window well, and unable to get back out.

In most situations, attaching a specialized “one-way door, and the entry point, and screening around the area is the most effective solution. Afterwards, we deodorize and disinfect the area. If the skunk has fallen into a window well, or found its way into your garage or home, we will catch it and release it.


Most bats can fit into a hole the size of a dime, thus they don’t have to chew their way into your home. Rather, they will find a small hole to climb through, and live in the smallest spaces. Most bats will go undetectable to you, because they are nocturnal and very small. However bat guano (feces) is very dangerous to your health if ingested and the problem should be addressed if you are noticing them.

A carefully placed and configured bat screen, along with treatment and deodorizing of the area will entice them to leave permanently. Afterwards, we deodorize and disinfect the area.


Bees, especially honey bees, are crucial to the environment. Thus we take great care with our bee keeper partners in handling and caring for honey bees.

However, if you’re allergic to bee stings, honey bees can be deadly, and can quickly turn your house into an infestation of honey, wax, and swarms.

For all other bees, wasps and hornets, we will relocate the hive, and disinfect the area. Call us today to inspect your bee problem, and advise you of the proper solution.